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Hottest Home Baker – A finale and a rant…

June 15, 2012

I don’t know where to start!

 I am sad to see that Esme lost, but happy for Emily that she won. I’m sad that the series is over but happy to resume blogging as normal!

They both quipped last night that baking is how they show love and I adore them both for that.

 I’ve made no secret that I was TEAM ESME from very early on. She is a strong vibrant woman, who was honest and funny and endearing. She has mad skills and you could just tell she has spent many many hours in the kitchen. Esme had 85% percent of the vote in the TV3 poll last night, and backlash on facebook, twitter, the trade me message boards and fan pages shows that viewers were rooting for an Esme win.

 But, TV is made for TV. It’s about drama, chaos and getting people talking. 90% of the filming is left on the cutting room floor. Judges decisions are final. And we all need to put our big girl pants on and not throw too much of a hissy fit. I was really sad to se how many sore losers there were hiding behind their keyboards last night. A facebook page was set up calling for the boycott of Chelsea products and had defaced a picture of Emily. THAT IS SO NOT OK. Made my blood boil.

 Every viewer is entitled to an opinion but please, let’s be adults? Yes I think Esme should have won, but I do not think the horrible comments put forward by cyberspace cowards are OK.

 Emily, I hope you do not take single negative comment to heart. Congratulations on your win, you have an exciting time ahead.

 Rant over. 


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  1. Sharon Egen permalink
    June 15, 2012 6:22 pm

    Yeah, what you said! Whatever our opinions the result was what the result was … how many of those cyber cowards out there could put up 14 different products to near perfection in 5 hours? Well done Emily (from a lover of baking … with a slight sway to Team Esme)

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