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Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker – Season 3, Episode 6

June 10, 2012

Alrighty episode six! This one had me on the edge of seat and potentially had the highest number of yelling at the TV incidents this season so far.

Cake decorating is my most favourite hobby BUT it is also the most frustrating, expensive and stressful hobby. I remember the first time I tried to roll fondant onto a cake. I had ideas of complete grandeur. I was going to be a wedding cake designer for sure. Oh lordy lordy how wrong I was! The professionals just make it look so easy don’t they?

Decorating is my favourite bit of baking and I was SO excited to see a wedding cake episode.

My heart sunk when the twist was revealed. NO TOUCHING! NO HELPING! Your husband/partner/brother must do all the decorating themselves. Oh shit balls. Oh shit! My heart was bleeding for them thinking – THIS isn’t fair! It is their skills that got them here! and now there partners might ruin it for them…

Being such a fan of decorating I was actually a bit miffed the helpers were going to do the decorating, I really wanted to see the contestants in action. And how on earth could they judge it based on a complete newbies attempt?

As we saw at elimination – the judges decisions were more based on the quality of the cake, which makes sense. I could tell some of the helpers would never have forgiven themselves if they had caused the loss.Β It must have been so stressful for the helpers to be a part of the show, and my quote goes to one of them (can you remember who?) for the line “we come in with a twist and I failed her”. Heart strings had a good ole tug.

Sad to see Hamish go this week, I really loved his design and it was great thinking out side of the traditional cake box.

Again, Esme took this episode out! Woop! I could not get over just how calm and attentive her husband Emani was – now there is a man that can take direction!

So excited to catch up on next weeks episode now! Down to a final three!

BTW, readers – have you ever checked out ? Love it!

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