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Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker – Season 3, Episode 5

June 10, 2012

Yikes, I’ve been a bad blogger! All good post show and post baking blogs intentions have gone out the window the last two weeks as I celebrated my birthday (twenty something!) and a fabulous anniversary with my man known to readers as Mr Chef and as I attempted to upgrade my blog and failed miserably. Perhaps I should have finished that Comp Sci degree after all…

Never the less I’ve still got a few thoughts about the last two episodes and I am excited to watch (although delayed coverage for me tonight) episode seven tonight!

Episode 5 

Ooosh Pastry. I can only claim to have made my own pastry a handful of times, and I should confess that Mr Chef also worked as an artisan baker and I am preeeeety sure my pastry is only successful because he hovered helpfully.

I have since this episode used Deans sweet pastry recipe (that they used in the mini challenge) with great success and no helpful hovering! Knowing how to tell pastry is cooked is always the part that trips me up though. I know that blind baking is the key – I tend to use rice but you can use a whole raft of things to weigh down your pastry – ceramic balls (spendy), coins (careful they get hot!), beans or lentils.

High virtual five to Esme for taking out the challenge – have I mentioned that I reckon she wins yet? TEAM ESME!

On to the main challenge and I surely would have sunk here. They seemed to have been given a rark up from Dean about timing being key is this challenge and I can see why. 90 minutes? NINETY MINUTES?? Mate – make, chill, roll, blind bake, fill, bake, cool & top – IN NINETY MINUTES! Jeepers.

As I watch the show, I take notes and had written “Wholemeal? Research!” – Alice made a Leek and Feta pie and it got me wondering about whether you have to treat wholemeal flour a bit differently or not when making pastry. I can’t recall ever eating wholemeal pastry myself but then again I am not the healthiest cookie in the jar.

Sabotage was hot on the lips, or fingers of tweeters during the show and I’d hate to think that Emily did any of that intentionally. Big ups (is that still cool to say? Cool kids, let me know) to Hamish for keeping SO CALM during both disaster moments. Quote of the night goes to him for his line “Man, you are ruining my life”.

But quote from my couch of the night goes to me for yelling “Who leaves a tray on the edge like that!!” right back at him.

Dean is becoming more of a softy every episode, so great of him to get in there and help Hamish out.

I saw the ‘twist’ coming when I realised we had too many bakers and only 4 more episodes to go. I am sad that both Hayley & Ben left, more so those dreamy eyes! I think Hayley pleaded her case to stay really well and I’ll always admire her attitude, so kiwi, just takes a crack at everything! I hope neither of them stop baking.

So – what did you think? Have you mastered Pastry – I know I’ve got the scoffing it down part mastered…

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