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the food show

May 29, 2011

Before I talk about the food show, I just have to RANT. Here it comes:


Ok, rant over. I promise.

I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon at The Food Show this weekend. It was mine and Chef’s first time. (Although Chef had a sneak peek at the set-up on Thursday night as he dropped off some product for one the exhibitors.)

I wasn’t totally blown away, but I wasn’t disappointed either. It’s a bit hard to describe – lots of people, lots of elbows, lots of products and LOTs of samples!

Here are my “The Food Show” awards for 2011:

Most interesting flavour:

M’s Chips – Wasabi flavour. These Pringle knockoffs were nothing to get excited about (well except maybe that  you could buy seven for ten dollars) and I  almost didn’t taste any. Then I tasted the Wasabi flavoured chip! ZING! everything I love about Wasabi covered peas on a chip.

Best swap:

Goes to the PICS peanut butter team. Trade any average branded peanut butter for one of those amazeball jar o nuts.

The WTF stall?:

Can someone please explain why there was a feminine bodily hair removal stand? huh? SKODA almost took this award out, until I realised that they were sponsors.

Surprised by the taste award:

Goes to Angel Bay – for frozen foods – these guys impressed me. The lamb actually tasted like lamb!

Best in Show:

Abes Bagels – Best deal available ($15 show pack value for dollar was unrivalled!) and great samples & staff.

I think I’ve been spoiled by visiting great local places like OnTrays (where every day is a food show!) and Moores, and further up the line, Otaki, Levin and the Matakana markets. I was expecting a more Artisan event.

It looked like thousands of people were having a great time and giving their wallets a real work out though, and it was really my own expectations that made me not enjoy this event as much.

If you timed it better than we did, you would have seen some great cooking demo’s and had a few more deals to take advantage of. There were plenty of great competitions to enter and three magazines to sign up for. (Slightly bummed that I already had a Cuisine subscription – no free oil & cheese for me!)

Big props to all the exhibitors who smiled and smiled as they handed out thousands of samples! And to do so for three whole days! I tip my hat to you.

Finally – those of you do go next year make sure you catch some of the Chef’s association cooking competitions! A mini Master Chef right there on the concourse.

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