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dont be blue

September 12, 2010

Inspired by some half price baking cups (thanks iko iko) and learning to store vanilla beans in your sugar (thanks Mr.Limerance) I made these cute little vanilla butter cream cupcakes.

I used this cupcake recipe and this buttercream (trade cocoa for vanilla paste!) recipe – sigh, nothing original, just poaching other bloggers recipes…

Assembly is super simple! (once you have nicked your roommates heart-shaped cookie cutter – thanks Nicole)

Simply cut ‘spare’* cupcakes in half and use the cookie cutter to cut out hearts from the halves.

Then roll out some fondant and do the same.

I used a little bit of ‘leftover’* buttercream to attach the fondant securely.

Position on top!



*There is no such thing as  ‘spare’ cupcakes in my house. Or ‘left over’ buttercream. If you are the same then you may need to set it aside!

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