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new digs

August 21, 2010

I moved!

After a fabulous house sitting stint  last month, I’ve moved into a new flat. With two rather charming girls.

Here’s a sneak at my new room (it looks like this every morning…. cough. honest!).

I’m pretty sure ‘I have a baking blog’ is the best thing I can say when flat hunting. Who doesn’t want a flatmate that leaves delicious treats on the bench?

While I love the location and the girls, there is one downside to my new digs. One that’s rather vital to this blog…

Here it is.

Did you blink? And miss it?

Here it is again, just in case.

That is my new kitchen in its entirety!


Sad Face. So little room…

Besides making baking a little painful, it also means that  my baking stuff is all over my room and even in my drawers at work!

Heres hoping I don’t pick up the food colouring instead of moisturiser…


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