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August 15, 2010

This is probably the most fun I have had with a cake in a while!

For those of you keeping tabs, you may remember a severe case of limerance I mentioned in a previous post.

Well, its time I came clean. Mr Limerance himself is actually a baker.

A real, dirty apron, up at 5am, brownies for Africa baker.

A he’s one smart cookie! (five points if I can get three more baking puns in this post!)

We teamed up this weekend to make a cake for a friends mustache/mexican birthday party.

The recipe is a secret but I can tell you it was a drunken chocolate cake (4 layers) with a coconut and pecan custard filling.

I can hear your moaning already.

Whats the point in having a baking blog if the recipe is secret?

If the recipe was mine I’d have no worries sharing but the intellectual property of that deliciousness is closely guarded by Mr. Limerance.

You’ll just have to be satisfied with these pics 🙂

Happy Birthday Adam!

Bakermelz & Mr. Limerance

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  1. Ads permalink
    August 15, 2010 11:29 pm

    Hey, Just a note to say thanks. The cake is now half gone, which is sad face, but half remains, which is happy face.

    Anyone need a cake commissioned? I reckon give Bakermelz a buzz, she might even rope in Mr Limerance.

    Thanks again Melz, bye for now, the cake is beckoning……


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