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a whole month?

August 3, 2010

Where did July go?

Its been a WHOLE month since I have blogged. Yikes.

In my defence I:

1) Started a new job

2) Shifted houses

3) Got the man flu

4) Suffered from an extreme case of Limerance

But you don’t want to hear my excuses do you?  You come here to see the baking!

I have baked and plan to blog soon but here is a sneak peak, to be served up warm with my apologies 🙂

There was a gooey lemon slice that a colleague wrote the following about:

Trent – just wanted to let you know I worked yesterday just so I could get my hands on some of Demelza’s baking (seemed like the only option).

To take a line from The Gruffalo and refine it slightly: “Bridget took a walk in the cool, dark woods. She found a piece of Demelza’s gooey citrus slice with chocolate and nuts, and the gooey citrus slice with chocolate and nuts was good.” (perhaps not quite as catchy as the original, but you get the idea).

Sorry you missed out. Again.

And there was a batch of cookies that used all the ingredients in this picture.

Yes, even the bag of salted potato chips….

Does going to look at other people’s baking count? If it does then check out these pics from the SugarCraft Expo at the New Dowse Museum. I was totally blown away.  And extremely green eyed.

And finally,

My brother broke his arm. (Ask me how, go on…)

He broke it in an arm wrestle.

His  colleagues sent him these!!!!!

And I realised I am a terrible sister, all I did was laugh.

So maybe I haven’t blogged or baked much but life has still been full of baked goodness!

Bake soon,

Blog soon,


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