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stencil – without pencil

April 8, 2010


Browsing online for cake tools and toppers I came across this GLORIOUS  product. It’s a 5 tier, lace design,  steel, AMAZING, stencil set.

Stencils? on cake? GENIUS!

But at nearly 80$USD plus shipping, it was not meant to be. And I wasn’t able to find a thing like it in NZ!

I had even looked into designing my own stencils and  cutting them out of plastic or steel. But no luck.

Then, my big sister and I took a trip to the craft mecca that is Spotlight and I found these:

Ok, so they aren’t made from steel, and they aren’t lace. And they are made from flimsy cheap cardboard. But I ignored the naysayers and forged on ahead.

I got some of this:

Serious – grown up ‘master chef’ food colouring and thinned it out with a little vodka.

Rolled out some scrap fondant and used the smallest paintbrush I could find to paint over the stencil.  Unfortunately, pure food colouring doesn’t work. It bleeds. ( the picture doesn’t really show it…)

Never Fear! Royal Icing is here!

The royal icing worked perfectly.

It sets thin and hard and doesn’t bleed!

(and the cardboard is re-useable – take that naysayers!)

Now all I need is baking project that requires stencils! I spy a birthday cake in my near future!

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